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In my first Back to Basics post we're going over everything you need to find your perfect HAIRBRUSH. There are so many types and sizes whats a girl to do?! There are tons of makeup brushes at the MAC store for a reason. Hairbrushes should be treated the same - so don't just grab and buy the first one you see on the shelf!

NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE BRUSHES - such as the Mason Pearson brush are the gold standard and are more expensive but more gentle on the hair. These bristles polish strands and distribute natural oils through the hair. Stick with this kind of bristle for healthier, shinier & smoother hair.

SYNTHETIC BRISTLES - do not distribute oil or condition the hair. They are also less flexible than natural bristles and can cause tearing & strand damage.

MIXED BRISTLE - for some this can be a happy medium - in both cost & health of hair

Here are my favorite BRUSHES that I use on clients every day -


THE WET BRUSH - if you get out of the shower to a knotty mess this brush is a MUST! The flexible bristles and base help detangle wet hair without breaking it & it works through knots without snapping strands.


PHILLIPS MIXED BRISTLE ROUND BRUSH - used to creat a smooth, silky blowout & volume without frying the hair.


CRICKET ROUND METAL BRUSH - I often use this brush on short or medium length hair to create curls & beveled ends - but be cautious - if you press your hair dryer to your brush you're basically heating the metal to the point it's acting as a hot tool - HELLO?! can you say sizzle?! Keep dryer off brush & use thermal protectant to avoid frying your hair.


SPORNETTE BOAR BRISTLE PADDLE BRUSH - I use this paddle brush for long, straight hair to keep it smooth & prevent volume.


SPORNETTE LITTLE WONDER BRUSH - I LOVE this brush! Use this little guy to tease & smooth over sections or to brush out & loosen up a curl set.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge you need to go out & get the right BRUSH!

Cheers... Hal

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