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If your stylist is not staying the entire day an emergency kit is another MUST! Even though you chose the right stylist, had the perfect consultation, & followed all your do's and don'ts we've discussed - shit still happens. What if someone steps on your veil or you get caught in a wind tunnel?! Here are the products I suggest you keep near the day of. They're also perfect to refresh the next day so you don't have to completely redo your hair.

1. Sebastian Reshaper Hairspray - this is my favorite becaues it has a nice hold but you can still run your hands through your hair & reshape it - & it's humidity resistant.

2. Brazilian Blowout Shine & Shield Spray Shine - perfect in case your locks get dull looking - & it smells AMAZING!

3. Brazilian Blowout Instant Volume Body Boost Powder or Kerastase Powder Bluff - these are two of my favorite products if your hair is getting too oily throughout the day - it'll also fluff up the hair if you're wearing it down.

4. Extra Bobby Pins

5. Spornette Little Wonder Brush - use this to smooth out your locks. Many of you have told me how much you loooooove yours after I pushed it on you in Back to Basics - Brushes.

Hopefully with these products in your arms reach you'll be abe to handle any emergency like the princess you are!

Cheers - Hal

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