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Can you even remember a time before dry shampoo?!?! Well I do! I'm showing my age by admitting I was one of those crazies baby powdering my hair before the gym - which at the time was a special kind of luxury exclusively for blondes like me (or fake ones like me anyway). Now dry shampoos are good for every hair color & type. Gone are the days of constantly buying traditional shampoo - now our bathrooms are full of all sorts of oil absorbing products, sprays, & powders. Who am I kidding - not just our bathrooms - our work desks, handbags, gym bags, cars etc. etc. etc. A lot of my coworkers & cohorts are using dry shampoos more then they actually wash their hair - & for the most part the result is a really textured, volumized effect that holds a style much better then super clean hair.

If you're one of those people constantly on the quest for the perfect dry shampoo then today's your lucky day. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not a huge product pusher & I def don't jump on every band wagon - I have to LOVE something before I go out on a limb & share it with my clients. That being said, I'm about to save you some time & money - just go straight to Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo - it is the absolute BEST! Living Proof is created by a group of top notch scientists & has actual special molecules that not only absorb oil & sweat like a normal dry shampoo but it also repels the product from your hair when you shake it out. Huh?! Who really cares about science & molecules - the reality is it leaves your hair not only looking cleaner but actually clean!!! Or at least much cleaner then when you started.

One of my fave clients happens to be a top scientist at Merck. And I'm embarrassed to say she was the one who introduced me to Living Proof. I was actually using it very little on clients but she knew about their Humidity Shield which I had never even tried. Upon her expert scientist smarty pants recommendation, I started experimenting with it & it became one of my highest selling products of 2015. The stuff really works! Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo really does too! It's quickly become a product I can't function without & I'm sure will be a top seller of 2016. To purchase come see me at Jolie or visit

Have you tried it? What's your favorite dry shampoo? Try Living Proof's & let me know what you think.

Cheers - Hal

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