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Life as a fake blonde can be hard sometimes. I know - the struggle is real! It can become damaged or dried out, you feel like you constantly have a root, you don't have the money or time to keep up with it all, and most of all it constantly feels like it goes brassy or loses it's brightness.

Hence, our new obsession with purple shampoo. Why purple you may ask? If you want to cancel out a tone you go to it's opposite on the color chart. So you can use purple to cancel out yellowy, brassy tones.

Here's one of my current faves - Blacklight Nourishing Shampoo. This one is actually in between a blue & a purple & helps cancel out both yellow & orange.

It's perfect for an allover blonde or highlighted look that's lost it's luster over time & it also can do the trick for a natural gray or white haired lady - or gentleman for that matter - who needs to be brightened up & iced out. This lovely lady here has used many a purple shampoo & can attest it helps tone her hair during her college semesters away from the salon.

Use of a purple shampoo will most likely also calm you down in that week 3 time period when your blondes going awry but it's still too soon to come in & see me! But be forewarned - some are stronger than others & overuse can add a pastel hue to your hair. You may be into that look but if not - go easy.

Cheers - Hal

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