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Clearly - as you all know - I'm obsessed with my niece & nephew every day of every week - but this week what I'm obsessed with is them in these "Your Uncle/ My Hairstylist Uncle" tees from They are KILLING me in these tees - and the best part is they come in like a million colors - so they can each rock it in their favorite color.

How hysterical is his expression in this pic?!

Of course my niece has to drive me crazy and love all things purple instead of pink - it makes my shopping binges much more complicated then they need to be! My nephew is a bit more traditional & loves all things blue - making it a little simpler.

If you've been following along you know I love a lot of things - hair, family, friends, yoga, spinning, the real housewives & of course chardonnay - just to name a few off the top of my head. But everyone who reallllllly knows me knows these little two are my true number ones.

How cute are these tees?!

Cheers - Hal

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