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I've been coloring & highlighting my hair lighter for years & years - really for as long as I can remember. I was one of those freaks walking around with orange hair due to Sun In in my early teen years. The obsession started early. So it was as big of a surprise for me as my friends, family & clients when it just became too much. There was NEVER time for my own upkeep amongst my busy client schedule & my gray was getting more & more resistant. Not to mention I was on the facial hair bandwagon & there was so much sparkle in there it looked unrealistic that there would be NO gray hair on my head.

Over last summer when the rooted look was in it's prime I subconsciously just kind of let my color grow out. I would put some highlights in the length on top every once in a while & the sun would lighten up the overall look too. And to my absolute astonishment I actually liked it! And I was getting tons of compliments. Only one client told me she missed my blonder hair - that I was looking less Beach Boy & more Old Man by the Sea!!!!! But hey - you know what - I still liked it.

But you know me - there's not a hair product on the market I don't experiment with on myself & then use on my clients. Style Edit quickly became my favorite root concealer for clients & a best seller at the salon. I know - I know - I just said how much I liked my more natural self - or hair at least - but you know what - it's fun to have some options.

See all that sparkle in my hairline & side burn - well most people think this is highlights but no - it's gray. Well actually more silver - which I'm ecstatic about because my father has the most striking silver hair. Not a dingy gray but a real crisp & clean silver. And it seems like my hair is going in the same direction.

Here's the Style Edit transformation.

I used the Style Edit brunette beauty in black/dark brown powder. I personally much prefer the powder over the spray because I feel like I have more control over where it's ending up - especially on the hairline. Think about using a can of spray paint - when you're too far away it's barely a mist & when you're too close it's a wet hot mess. Spraying it on clients I'm fine but on myself it was like I couldn't find the right balance. For me the powder was the way to go.

I slept with it in my hair & it surprisingly didn't get all over my pillowcase. And the next morning I even went to spin class & sweated & it stayed put. I wouldn't let it get soaking wet but it was fine even in a heavy cardio class.

If we're being really honest - I can't believe I'm saying this - I've totally grown into liking my salt & pepper. So it didn't make me want to start coloring my hair again but I still loved the product & would prob use it - why? - you're probably asking yourself.

Because the binding aspect of the powder actually gave my hair some grip and a much fuller affect. It felt much thicker & less thinning. It actually gave a texture similar to a dry shampoo but with the added benefit of coloring over your gray & tinting your scalp making the whole area look much fuller.

I used it pretty sparingly and more natural to keep a little silver still in there but I could have put it on heavier for complete coverage. Here's another before & after that I went a little heavier - and you can see how much thicker her hair looks by covering the scalp on the part.

The verdict - I loved it! I would totally use it for special occasions or if I was someone who kept up with my grays I would use it between visits - especially if I had an event. It has some bind & grip but is not matte & shoepolish gross. Your hair still has some shine & movement. It's a huge YES for me & my clients!

So what do you guys think? Would you use a root concealer?

Cheers - Hal

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