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Spring & summer are officially upon us & as a hairstylist I am in the midst of one of the busiest formal seasons of the year. We're also in the middle of shooting editorial work for fall & winter - yes you heard me right - we're styling hair for companies for fall publications while it's 90 degrees out! The challenge is real.

And believe me there is nothing more frustrating for a stylist then getting your bride's updo or your model's style perfect only to see them wilting away in the heat.

Enter Evian® Spray. What in the world is that you may ask?! Well I'm here to tell you. It's a hydrating facial spray that delivers powered micro-droplets of pure Evian® natural spring water in a leak-proof canister, sealed at the source in Evian-les- bains, France.

I can continue getting into the science of it & go on & on talking about the technical side of this look saving product but that's not really what I'm about right now. More importantly - what does it do? For starters, it hydrates, replenishes, & adds radiance & a moisturized & finished look to your hair & makeup.

Have you ever been so hot & bothered at an event you can almost feel your look becoming as frizzy & frazzled as you feel?! Well that's the best part of Evian® spray - it's calming effect. After using it you almost instantaneously go from faded & frazzled to bright & dewy.

And that - my friends - is why I use it during long & hot photo shoots & strongly recommend it to people going to formal events where it may be hot & stuffy. You'll be chucking those little paper fans in the nearest garbage can as soon as you try this product - trust me.

Don't worry - the spray will definitely not actually soak your hair or run your makeup like it would if you got actually wet. It's a very, very fine mist. The can provides a fine & more continual mist that any spray bottle I've tried. Not to mention it looks a lot more glam on set or when you're all dolled up at an event.

It's also good for irritated skin, long flights, staying cool at the beach or pool, keeping you on your A game during the big game, staying moisturized during long, winter months & last but not least my niece & nephew had a blast playing with it over the Memorial Day weekend .

Oh - and the best part - Evian® is also doing an Instagram giveaway right now. Follow @evianspray on Insta & tag 2 friends in any of @evianspray's posts to win their Ultimate Beach Essential Giveaway.

Good luck & stay hydrated!

Cheers - Hal

Disclaimer - This post & giveaway are sponsored by Evian® but my thoughts here - as always - are honest & my own.

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