A ton of my clients look at the summer as an invitation to ralax when it comes to their hair. They let it grow out, air dry more often, wear it up or in big floppy hats & don't visit the salon as often as they do throughout the rest of the year. That's all fine & dandy but all that fun in the sun can come with some hazzards - chlorine, UV rays, salt water & humidity - which can all lead to pool hair, fried scalps & frizzy, fried out, & damaged ends.

The other day I was laying on a raft in the pool sipping on my favorite summertime pool refreshment - sweet tea vodka & lemonade (yes I know what you're thinking - but no worries I'm still a wino - just switching it up a little when I'm hainging in the pool or by the ocean). My skin was glowing, my hair had lightened & I felt like a million bucks - but after a full week of that the condition of my hair didn't quite feel like a million bucks. Here's the products I turn to & use on my clients when we're feeling this way.

BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT PRODUCT LINE - but most specifically the Acai Deep Conditioning Mask. Most clients think you need to have the brazilian service to benefit from the product but it's great for anyone who's suffering from frizz - whether they've had the service or not. I've sold enough of their products to own stock in the company but thought it would be way too heavy for my fine hair. And normally it would be. But about half way through last summer my hair felt like crap - it was fried, sandy & knotty. I was desparate & used a friends in the beach shower. Life changing - in one shampoo not only was my hair sun kissed & bright but it felt great too. The company has since come out with a volume line for those who find the regular product too heavy.

KERASTASE NECTAR THERMIQUE& KERASTASE CIMENT THERMIQUE - Kerastase is the gold label of products & to me these two are standouts. After using your face moisturizing shampoo or your Brazilian shampoo & conditioner you should towel dry your hair & use one of these great leave ins. They're perfect for moisturizing & repairing & both act as thermal protectors if you're going to be flat ironing or straightening you hair. The ciment is lighter & the nectar is a bit heavier so you have options depending on the quality of your hair.

LIVING PROOF RESTORE INSTANT PROTECTION SPRAY - This is a great spray to use in already dried out locks before applying more heat. But more importantly this is the PERFECT spray to use to provide your hair with protection from harmful UV rays. You protect your skin & eyes - why not your hair?!

KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME - After you've cleansed, conditioned, & either blow dried or air dried your summer locks with your leave in if sections of your hair or ends still look a little dry just run some Kerastase oil through that area & trust me - it will look nice & shiny. There are four different formulations to tailor to your hair type.

LIVING PROOF ANTI FRIZZ HUMIDITY SHIELD - this will be your final step. if you're the type that gets your hair perfect & within two minutes of being outside your hair is already frizzing up - this is the product for you. It's magical - it truly blocks humidity preventing your hair from losing the shape you've worked so hard for. I wish I understood how it works but who really cares - so long as it does.

So if you're anything like me you're going to fully enjoy your summer. Do yourself a favor and save your parched strands with my favorite summer products.

Have fun in the sun - Cheers - Hal

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