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We all know I'm a pretty big fan of Living Proof products - especially the Perfect Hair Day collection - or Phd for short. Let's be honest - who doesn't need a perfect hair day in their life?! And I actually haven't met a person yet who wasn't in love with their dry shampoo.

So when their In-Shower Styler came out I was totally intrigued & just had to give it a try before I started talking about it to clients in the salon or here on the blog.

Before I get ahead of myself let me just tell you a bit about the product. Yes - it is just as strongly based in science & technology as the rest of the brand. It contains Living Proof's PBEA Thickening Molecule & lightweight conditioners which deliver enhanced natural texture, body, softness & shine. And yes - like the rest of the line it is paraben & sulfate free so it's great for color treated hair & for all you ladies who have some kind of a smoothing treatment in your hair.

Shampoo and condition hair as ususal. Then apply this product generously to coat hair from roots to ends while still in the shower. Lightly rinse. Towel Dry. Scrunch. Air Dry. Sounds easy enough & pretty perfect - especially for the hot, summer months. That is if it actually does what it claims.

I really wanted to try it out on someone who actually had poker straight hair with little or no texture to reallllllly see what this product could do. And I had the perfect victim - Miss Victoria - or Vicky C as I call her because she kind of reminds me of a Sandra D. Doesn't drink, swear or rat her hair but I can tell she's just waiting to bust out from under that wholesome veneer.

Because Miss Vicky C's hair has such little texture we followed the normal instructions but then put her hair in a loose braid which she slept on that night - letting her hair naturally air dry.

And the results are pretty amazing!

From sleek & straight to a beachy & textured wave. And all just with an overnight air dry - doesn't get too much easier then that. I can only imagine what it would do if your hair already had a wave to it?!

Have you tried In-Shower Styler or as equally obsessed with Living Proof as I am?

Cheers Hal

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