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I've heard rumblings for a little while now from esthetician friends & other skin care lovers about the beauty benefits of snail essences on your skin. Leave it to Kenra Professional to find a way to get those same anti-aging benefits into a fabulous hair collection. The Kenra Professional Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Collection is the first professional hair care product infused with snail essence - a highly concentrated blend of proteins proven to awaken youth in the hair.

And hello, the timing for me could not be more perfect. If you've been following along you know I just turned the big 4-0 - and yes it does seem like everything is falling the heck apart over here. I fight pretty hard to keep it together & am so excited to have a hair care collection to help me battle the signs of aging in my hair now too!

Lets start with the shampoo & conditioner. It's super soft & made my hair really bouncy, smell great & it's sulfate & paraben free. Y'all know that's the #1 priority for me when I'm recommending shampoos to people. I can honestly say it's a rarity for me to have a client with no color or smoothing treatment in their hair so it goes without saying sulfate free for me is a MUST!

The real star of the collection in my opinion is the Snail CC Creme. I spend a small fortune quite a few times a year on my skin care regimen. No exaggeration I think about 5 layers of products go on my face every night before bed. So why aren't I doing the same for my hair?! I don't want it to get all tired & mature looking. It is after all the crown we never take off.

What does corrective cream do for your hair anyway?!

It Fights All 10 Signs of Aging Hair

- dulling







-scalp irritation


-coarse texture

The lightweight corrective cream has no hold & doesn't actually act as a styling product so it works for all hair types. It simply restores youth in the hair. The same way a corrective creme or eye gel helps save your face. Well you still have to go & apply your eye makeup or foundation to complete the look. That being said after you apply your Kenra CC Creme you can go ahead & use whatever styling product you use depending on your hair type.

The CC creme can be used on damp/towel dried hair followed by your styling product. You can then either blow dry or air dry your hair. But the best part for me was it can be used on dry hair too. So about half way through the day after by millionth blow dry when my own blonde, over processed ends are getting frizzy, brittle & just gross I can apply the CC creme & it totally calms down my frazzled ends & gives them enough shine to make it through the rest of the day.

PS I know what you're thinking - snail essence?! - that's disgusting. I'm not going to lie I thought the same thing for a minute. That is until I got the chance to use it. It smells amazing & doesn't feel weird or slimy at all. As a matter of fact it's super lightweight & doesn't weigh the hair down at all.

The Platinum collection also comes with a heat block spray. Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray 22 is an absolute must for anyone who plans on using any sort of hot tools on their hair. After getting a smoothing treatment would you go ahead & use a $2.00 shampoo with sulfates in it & flush down the toilet all the money you just forked over for your treatment?! I think not. Then don't use your anti-aging shampoo, conditioner, & CC creme & then fry your hair while styling it! The heat block spray protects your hair up to 450 degrees & provides your style with a light hold. I actually loved it when creating this look because it not only prevented the hair from damage but did give the little bit of hold I wanted.

To complete your look you can use Kenra Shaping Spray. Guess what? Now you can leave the alcohol in your drinks because Kenra just launched the first ever completely alcohol free hair spray!!!!!! You know the dehydrated & old feeling too much alcohol can give to your skin & hair? Well why would you want to do that with your hair spray - especially after you've successfully gotten your hair so youthful with the anti-aging snail collection. This hair spray says it's "extra firm" but I could still run my hands through my model's hair when I was creating this look. So it did provide us with a great all night hold without the icky, crunchy & stiff feeling you might think you would get with an "extra firm" hair spray. Oh and by the way - this just may be the best smelling hair spray I've ever work with! And I've worked with a lot.

The Kenra Professional Platinum Anti-Aging Snail Collection is currently available at Ulta or you can shop these links. Hope you love the line as much as we did!

To check out my review & see one of my recent fave updos using the Kenra Professional Grip Collection just click here.

Cheers - Hal

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