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I was so excited to receive the new Hask Biotin Thickening Collection so I could give it a try! I'm constantly asked for hair care products that won't break the bank. I know, I know - not everyone can spend a mortgage payment on beauty products each month. That being said I believe Hask is a product line that does what it says it will at a verrrrrry affordable price point.

The tri-level thickening complex is designed to volumize, strengthen & fortify. The main ingredients are biotin for volume, collagen to fortify & coffee to help boost strands. If only it gave me the same kinda boost my skinny vanilla latte gave me my mornings would be a whole lot easier.

And my clients & I talk about biotin all the time. So many of us take a biotin supplement each day to help with nail & hair growth & health so it's a no brainer to have the extra boost in our hair care products.

The shampoo & conditioner help transform fine, flat hair into the bouncier, fuller hair your mane has always been envious of. It felt super light weight to me & definitely gave my hair a little lift. That being said if you're looking for moisture & have dry or damaged hair this is not the one for you. But no worries they have shampoos for that too.

I loved the smell too. Often times shampoos & conditioners can smell a little too flowery or feminine to me but this does not. It's a fragrance I don't think anyone would be bothered by.

And last but not least - yes - it is sulfate & paraben free. I spend too many hours of my day doing high maintenance colors & smoothing treatments to even consider recommending a product line that was not sulfate free.

The styling product in this line is the biotin boost thickening cream. Like the shampoo & conditioner it's super lightweight & leaves fine, lifeless hair like mine feeling bouncy & considerably fuller. Again - this is not the product for frizzy or thick hair that needs smoothing & taming down. It's definitely in my opinion best suited for finer or medium textured hair that needs a little help in the thickness department.

Overall I really liked the new collection. It smelled great, gave my hair a little extra volume & was a great price point. The products are available at Ulta or you can shop the links here.

To check out another hask review of mine just click here. Especially if you're a blonde - this one's a must - trust me.

Cheers - Hal

Disclaimer - this post is sponsored & Hask did indeed send me these products but my thoughts here - as always -are honest and my own.

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