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I recently had a client bring in her daughter who was away for a week & let a small knot near her nape grow into a big knotty dred. Why?!?! I was cringing as I watched her painfully tear at her daughter's hair until I ripped the brush from her shaking hands.

It got me thinking - do people really not know how to brush out their hair?! So I got to asking & to my astonishment many don't!

So here are some tips.

Use a wet brush!

Start from the bottom up. Starting low allows you to tackle tangles from the ends up your hair shaft without pulling your hair out at the root.

Don't over brush - you're not Marsha Brady & don't need to run the brush through your hair exactly 100 times. Overbrushing can actually cause damage & hair loss - just brush until there are no more knots & your hair is smooth.

Last but not least - clean your brush periodically. You clean your makeup brushes regularly so do the same with your hair brush.

Cheers - Hal

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