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The temps are on the steady decline & the air is getting drier & drier. Not my fave to say the least.

With the dry air & sweater & scarf weather comes staticky & fly away hair.

If you just can't shake away those fly aways & frizz I may have a really simple fix!


Just as dryer sheets can be run over dresses and skirts to reduce static cling, they can also be run over hair to reduce fly-aways caused by static. Plus, they'll make your hair smell nice and fresh.

My advice to you - keep some around - in the car, in your bag, at the office & whenever it's making you crazy just swipe one through your hair & see what happens!

If this seems a little too low maintenance for you or don't want your hair to smell like laundry Kerastase of course has come out with a version that will also most certainly do the trick.

Developed with advanced static-control technology, the travel-friendly sheets not only effectively defrizz and smooth strands, they also defend against humidity and dullness while eliminating pesky flyaways.

Cheers - Hal

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