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If you're anything like the majority of women in my life you've already adopted a less stringent schedule for washing your hair. Thank goodness for that. (To read more about the no poo movement just click here)

But it can be a major issue for people with bangs or a lot of fringe around their face. The truth is they can get greasy fast. What's a girl with bangs to do?!

Don't feel forced to shampoo your entire head & start from scratch - ain't no one got time for that - nor is it the right thing to do to your hair!

Just give your bangs a light shampoo before you wash your face! It seems like a no brainer but more & more of my clients I've talked to about this act as if the lightbulb just went off - it's almost so easy we didn't even think about it.

Washing & blowdrying your bangs only takes minutes & gives you a fresh look!

Oh & of course when all else fails dry shampoo in the fringe can always be a life saver.

So when in doubt just spot wash & get along with your day!

Cheers - Hal

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