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I took a week or two break from my Hair Tip Tuesdays because of the Holidays - I know... shame on me. But I'm back with my helpful tips & tricks to maneuver our way to beautiful hair!

So if you live in a cold weather region like myself you know that we are getting beat up by freezing cold temps & a cyclone bomb... yes I just said that - whatever that even is. I just call it a blizzard but hey, whatevs.

Anyway... all of this dry air that comes with winter can wreak havoc on our locks. So I'm coming up with all sorts of tips this month to help keep our hair looking moisturized & fresh this winter.

This week's is to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Silk retains moisture which is perfect if you have dryer or more brittle hair. Or even if you don't naturally but the awful dry air in our homes is giving your normally silky hair a dried out texture.

Silk is also known to cause less breakage because it's a naturally smoother surface... or silky smooth. Cotton can make your hair feel even more staticky & can cause more knots as well.

So in conclusion go get yourself a silk pillowcase to combat the negative effects of dry air on your hair!

Are you using silk pillowcases? Do you like the feeling on your hair?

Cheers - Hal

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