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So it's officially winter. Think cozy layers & throws, fireplaces, hot cocoa, & maybe a snow day or two. These things sound OK - I guess? - for a week or two - & then I start counting down to spring.

To you maybe they sound like a dream come true but they have obvious downsides for your hair. Winter weather can cause straw like strands, dry & itchy scalp, & static, just to name a few - & we haven't even mentioned the matting that comes from scarves & turtlenecks or the dreaded hat head!

Is your overall look feeling dry & parched - and not from too much chardonnay?

Then you need my 10 tips to save your hair this winter!

- Use a silk pillowcase - the silk is more hydrating & less rough on your hair than cotton is.

-NEVER go outside with wet hair! Your hair can freeze & the excessive cold can cause breakage.

-Wrap your hair in a silk scarf if you know your hair's going to be in a hat for a long period of time.

-Treat your hair once a week to a mask or deep conditioning treatment.

Of all the hydrating products I"ve experimented with the Kerastase Nutritive line is really my fave. And the Masqintense pictured here works like a dream to nourish parched, sensitized, & dry hair & provides long lasting defense against the return of dryness. It's pricey for sure but you only need to use a little bit.

-Use a leave in conditioner.

-Sleep with a humidifier in your room - your hair & skin will think you for the hydration in the dry winter months.

-Keep hair washing to a minimum & when you do use a good conditioner.

-When washing your hair try to not to use really hot water... or better yet use cold if you can to add some of that missing shine to your hair.

-Eat well & drink your water! In case you couldn't tell yet hydration is key in winter hair protection.

-Trim regularly to keep your hair strong & healthy.

Hope these tips help keep your hair looking sleek & smooth this winter... if we have to suffer through this cold we may as well do it looking good!

Cheers - Hal

ps - I shared some of these tips in my Hair Tip Tuesday series & may share some more but the questions & comments they generated so far made me realize I should probably post them all in one place for people to see - if you need more info on any one of these just hit me up or you can most likely find it in my weekly hair tips!

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