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My Hair Tip Tuesday this week is to get yourself a Valentine's Day hair accessory if you're not good at styling your hair... or even if you are.

Last year I got this little gem from Urban Outfitters & people kinda loved it. But of course it's no longer available. If you google it there are a bunch on Etsy that look just like it that you can order.

But not to fret my lovelies I found you a whole bunch of other adorable accessories to covet this Valentine's Day.

If you're still super into the shaped clips & bummed Urban doesn't have the heart anymore they do still have oval ones. Click image to shop.

And if you're looking to make it feel a little more Valentine's inspired this pink circle clip from Club Monaco may be the way to go.

click any image to shop

If any of these are sold out don't kill me - they're going fast!

Hope you have a super glamorous holiday!


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