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I haven't done a Back to Basics post in a while & I've been getting a lot of questions about hairspray lately so I figured now's the time to revisit this series!

People are all over the board with hairspray. Some clients request it & even ask for more when you think you've already sprayed enough. Others act as if you're pouring flesh eating acid on their head. So what's the deal?

I got to asking why the strong negative reaction to hairspray & the responses were all over the board. It's sticky, knots up my hair, smells bad, makes my hair dirty so I have to wash my hair more often were the most popular.

But lets be honest - sometimes you need hairspray to hold a style or curl or help with flyways so lets go over the best way to use it & which kind you should be using because it's purposes are endless. It provides hold, sets style, tames flyaways, achieves volume, adds texture, and more.

To properly spray hairspray hold it about 8 to 10 inches away from your hair before spraying & let the product fall on your hair the way you would use an expensive perfume.

To tame flyaways spray some product on your hand & then lightly smooth down any hairs out of place.

If you're a hairspray lover use a clarifying shampoo occasionally to get out any hairspray residue from your hair & start with a clean slate.

Figure out which hairspray is best for you. I like to break it down to lightweight or strong hold.

For me the best lightweight one is Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray. This product somehow finds a way to leave the hair shinier then your average hairspray & smells amaaaaaazing. It won't weigh your hair down but also won't necessarily give you a great hold though either.

My fave strong hold hairspray is Kerastase Laque Noir. When I say strong I mean you're hair's not going anywhere. This is absolutely perfect for updos or any kind of style you don't need going anywhere until your picture's been taken & everyone sees how good you look. This product will withstand the elements all day but is also so strong it's almost hard to brush through or get out.

My overall favorite hairspray is Sebastian Reshaper. This to me is the perfect in between. It has enough hold to get your style through the day but is still brushable. This is the one hairspray I couldn't get through a day in the life of my career without... and that's saying something.

Hopefully this served as a hairspray 101 for you guys... if you have any questions just let me know!

And in the meantime spray on!

Cheers - Hal

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