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The salon & day spa I've styled hair at for over a decade now - gosh that's scary to think about - has been carrying the full line of Jan Marini Skin Research products forever & they've looooooong been a fave skincare line of mine. And clients too for that matter.

With spring finally here & Skin Cancer Awareness Month in May it's time to talk about caring for our faces this summer! Which you know is my season to come to life!

I've actually been using the Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33 daily for years now so I can really speak to how wonderful the product is.

So for starters this lotion is perfect for daily use all year long. A little SPF never hurt someone in the winter too - after all our faces are always exposed to the sun. It's that daily sun exposure that increases your chances for cancer & early skin aging. Cancer is scary enough but looking older as I enter my 40s is the last thing I need!

The face protectant is very moisturizing & goes on so nice & smooth but is soooo much lighter then your run of the mill sunscreen which can be so heavy & clogging to my pores - usually resulting in a gnarly breakout. Which again - the last thing I need when I'm trying to look my best during my favorite time of the year.

The smell is nice & refreshing & can be worn solo or I can easily still put bronzer on my face as I often do to get that sun kissed look without the damage. For the record - the fragrance is so light then anyone can wear it - it doesn't have that dreaded old lady smell some skin products can have.

You can receive your free Face Protectant along with other promotions by attending Jan Marini's Beauty in Bloom National Skin Care Event. To locate a Beauty in Bloom National Skin Care Event and enter for a chance to win weekly prizes just click here.

Cheers - Hal

Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Le Subtile & powered by Brandbacker but my thoughts here - as always - are honest & my own.

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