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I always talk to my clients about hair masks & I too always say I'm going to do one - especially when my hair is totally trashed from the highlights, sun, salt water & chlorine.

But do we ever really do it? It requires more time & patience than most of us have in our daily life. And lets be honest I have no patience to spare.

So here's my brainiac solution. Work that hair mask through your hair. put it up & go to the gym. When you're done with your workout you shower, rinse out your hair & leave the gym not only having burned off a few calories but with beautiful & shiny hair too. That took you no extra time in your daily life.

This my friends is multitasking at it's best. I've often suggested you hang by the pool with a hair mask on but with this new solution you're even burning calories in the process!

You know I'm always on the hunt down for the best products - what's your go to hair mask?

Hair Tip Tuesday - hair mask at the gym - do it!

Cheers - Hal

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