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Ever wake up in the morning and have stale smells you may have picked up at the restaurant the night before still hanging out in your hair? Or even worse smoke!? Or how about that weird not so fresh smell of oily hair but you have no time or like the way your hair looks & are not a fan of dry shampoo?

Enter hair perfume! Scented hair mists are the lightweight alternative to wearing perfume the traditional way. Some of them are your favorite fragrances brands reformulated in a lighter way for your hair & some are entirely new fragrances from new brands.

But my fave is from a hair brand already known for it's scrumptious fragrance so it was a no brainer they transferred that over to a hair perfume. Heck - I think a lot of my clients buy their shampoos & conditioners based on their scent alone (not that it's not also a high quality product).

Meet the Amika Hair Fragrance 001 - a blend of warm vanilla, fresh citrus & spicy sweet clover. In other words heaven in a bottle.

Like any perfume if overused it can be a bit much. Til your used to using one you can spray it on your hands & run them through your hair or even spray it on your wet brush to make sure the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout your locks.

And PS hot tools can alter the quality of the fragrance so it's best to make the fragrance spritz the last step in your prepping process.

So in conclusion hair mists are the perfect solution when you can't muster enough energy to wash your hair but aren't a fan of a product like a hairspray or dry shampoo. Go get yourself some!

Cheers - Hal

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