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I'm continuing my summer theme for this week's #hairtiptuesday. And this week's tip is to COVER UP!

I always hear people say they wear hats in the summer to protect their skin & eyes from damaging rays. Not to mention it keeps them cooler by creating shade & can make a bold fashion statement.

But I suggest you try updating your look with a hat to make your scalp & hair happy.

Yes we all want to have tons of fun in the sun - no one more then me - but we don't want to end the summer with trashed hair either.

Here are a few of my picks for you ladies.

And lets not leave out the men... our hair counts too!

So there you have it - choose one of these or find one of your own. Either way put one on & protect your scalp & hair from overexposure this summer!

Cheers - Hal

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