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Ugh - I've always had pretty fine hair but a nice amount of it but as I age I feel like it gets finer & finer. At least I still have it though right?! Gotta look at the bright side!

But simply cause I stay positive doesn't mean I'm just going to give up! I'm always on the hunt down for products that will help stimulate growth & make me feel like I have the hair of my youth.

I was so happy when I got my hands on the TruePure trifecta of the caffeine shampoo, argan oil conditioner & biotin serum.

I kinda let my hair get pretty roughed up over the summer no matter how hard I tried & it did seem like my scalp was pretty jeopardized from all the chlorine, salt water, sunscreen etc. And my hair felt even finer than normal.

So I decided to really commit to using these products & giving them a try.

TruePure is designed to combat scalp issues & stimulate healthy hair growth. It is 100% sulfate & paraben free & the products are NEVER tested on animals. And it claims to do all these things too:

  • Reduce hair thinning & block DHT activity

  • Reduce scalp inflammation & redness

  • Remove excess oils & follicle clogging dirt

  • Improve circulation of nutrients to the scalp

  • Add thickness & volume to dry, brittle hair.

  • Make your hair shiny & smooth

  • Volumize the hair root to help stop breakage

So needless to say I really wanted to give it a try since my hair had really been through the ringer this summer... even though I was following all of my own summer hair care tips!

I started using these products right after getting back from my family vacation & have been using them for over a month now. My scalp feels so clean & refreshed & my hair feels much fuller.

I haven't seen any actual new hair growing in but I do feel like the hair that I already had feels so much thicker & my hair is growing so fast!

If you're experiencing any of the same issues as I was give this product line a try!

Oh & the best part is Amplixin is offering my followers 15% off with the discount code HAIRBYHAL - so you can go here - - to check it out & order!

Cheers - Hal

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