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Depending on where you live, your children might already be back to school but luckily for us, my niece & nephew don't have to report back until the day after Labor Day!

As much as it pains me to say this... for most

back to school is right around the corner & so

is a parent's biggest fear... head lice.

If you think it's only a parent's biggest fear you're kidding yourself. It's this uncle's biggest fear too... especially being a hairstylist! Can you even imagine! All I have to do is hear the word lice & I start having a meltdown.

Well thank goodness for Fairy Tales Rosemary

Repel Hair Care which has been helping

children stay lice free since 1999.

(& yes... before you ask... my niece & nephew do indeed have a much nicer bathroom than I do!)

As a licensed professional with tons of experience it's my #1 recommended brand for this. Don't trust me? OK... well it's also the most recommended brand among school nurses, moms & pediatricians too!

And it's soy, gluten, dairy & nut free too. Most of you already know my niece is allergic to peanuts & tree nuts so this is a really important factor for our family too.

The Rosemary Repel Daily Shampoo, Conditioner & Conditioning Spray are loaded with organic rosemary, tea tree, citronella & peppermint oils plus aloe, jojoba, & vitamins to not only keep hair lice free but soft, silky & manageable too!

Where do I even start? As I said it's allergen safe but it's also sulfate free too! It hydrates, moisturizes & soothes the scalp & is gentle enough for daily use. And best of all it is clinically proven effective to help prevent lice.

This conditioner helps you get shiny, silky & soft hair that's gonna be lice free!

This one is probably their best seller. As with most collections I believe they're obviously most effective when used all together. But at the very least you could be using the spray! This product can be used on towel dried, damp hair or dry hair too. You just spray it on the hair, behind ears, back of neck & top of shoulders for extra protection.

So before you send you kid's off to school, camp, daycare or wherever it is they're going that day - use your Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel product collection & say bye bye to lice.

Oh & if you're still in a warm environment or are lucky enough to live somewhere with summery conditions all year long you can read all about my family's experiences with the Fairy Tales Sun & Swim collection here.

Wishing you all an absolutely fabulous school year!

Oh & if you read this in time you I've partnered with Fairy Tales to offer one follower the three piece collection in an Instagram Giveaway. So you can head over there, make sure you're following both myself & Fairy Tales & tag one mommy friend in the giveaway pic in my feed!

Cheers - Hal

Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Fairy Tales Hair Care & powered by Brandbacker but my thoughts here - as always - are honest & my own.

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