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Summer is slowly coming to an end - I know, it's a nightmare - and if you've spent even a fraction of the time I have by the pool or beach then your hair may be feeling a little crunchy & have a little buildup from salt, sunscreen, chlorine, hair products - aka dry shampoo - etc.

You're going to want to strip the summer out of your hair & get it back to a nice equalized state to start the new season off right.

The major way to do this is by clarifying your hair.

So you can def partner up with a stylist you trust to get a professional in-salon clarifying treatment - especially if you have a lot of buildup & your hair is feeling a little extra.

My current fave clarifying situation is from Living Proof.

Clarifying shampoos & treatments are super helfpful to really clean out your locks but can be a little drying. So you would want to follow up with a more moisturizing shampoo or conditioner.

So in short... whenever you decide your summer is over is the perfect time to clarify & reset for autumn & the last quarter of the year!

Cheers - Hal

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