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Are you guys familiar with the Invisibobble yet? Because you need to be!

The Invisibobble looks basically like an old school telephone cord. Unfortunately I do happen to remember what that is even though most of you reading probably don't.

It can be used as a ponytail holder or a styling tool.

Used as a ponytail holder the Invisibobble doesn't rip at your hair & secures it without leaving so much as a dent!

It can also be used as a styling tool which allows you to create updos & styles without using a bobby pin or clip - just keep securing hair into one of the loops!

If your Invisibobble loses shape or does get stretched out just hit it with some hot air from your hair dryer & it will go back to its original shape!

So for the health of your hair switch over to an Invisibobble!

Have you guys tried one of these little guys yet?

Do you like it?

Cheers - Hal

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