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I recently had the opportunity to get my hands on a set of Yelloow hair extensions to try out & I actually loved them!

I'm not gonna lie... spending my time in the salon I am definitely more accustomed to working with permanent extensions that can cost up to 10 times more than these clip-ins.

So I was a little trepidatious to give them a try. But like I said I loved them!

Immediately upon opening them the first thing that

really struck me was how much dimension was in

the hair. More often then not when I see less

expensive hair it is totally matte, all one color... kinda

like a costume store wig. But not these guys... they

picked up all different tones in the light.

This is what reallllly set them apart from other brands for me.

Every set is 22" long & can be worn that length or cut & blended by a stylist. Don't get cray & do this yourself. Remember it can't be put back on once it's cut & you don't want to ruin a perfectly good set of hair!

They are available in 10 different colors from a very pale blond to black & 8 shades in between.

Oh & they come with a super cute little hanger so you can store them in your closet hanging down so they won't get matted or knotty like they would thrown in a drawer.

You can definitely straighten & curl your extensions up to 350 degrees. Anything more than that can seriously damage both your real & bought hair. It's suggested you lay your hair out on a flat surface & let the curl set rather than curling them already clipped in. This will make the curl last longer.

They rarely need to be washed... and if you think they do chances are you can hit them up with some dry shampoo or hair perfume & be ready to rock & roll. But if you really need to wash them your set will come with detailed instructions so no worries there.

One set is actually 160 grams of Keratin Fiber Hair. One set includes 10 pieces - 2 four clips, 2 three clips, 2 two clips & 4 single clips perfect for the sides of your head. This would def be enough hair for the average person. Only people with very thick and/or short hair would potentially need more.

I received a pair in milk chocolate which was the perfect match for my sister... who I knew would really appreciate a pair.

This is her hair without the extensions. And here she is with not even one whole set in!

I put them in & convinced her to keep them 22" long for now because when they're worn in a braid or upstyle it's actually the perfect length. When her hair is down they're actually a little too long for her liking so we'll definitely cut into them eventually since she'll be wearing them down most of the time.

Over at Yelloow hair they were kind enough to share the coupon code "darling 10" for an additional 10% off the already amazing price.

And you can click here to order.

So go get yourself a set!

Cheers - Hal

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