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I CANNOT believe Halloween is right around the corner! I'm sure you're coming up with all sorts of costume ideas - and some may involve temporarily changing the color of your hair.

So you want to look like the Little Mermaid or some other character with a very signature hair color for Halloween but you don't want to permanently color your hair or ruin it by bleaching it out for one day of your life?

Well you're not alone.

You can now add a pop of color to your Halloween look with all sorts of products - from chalks, to sprays, etc. Here are some fun options not for the faint of heart.


- wear gloves while applying to avoid your skin getting stained

- spray hair lightly with hair spray before & after applying to help the color stay in all day

- use a curling iron or diffuser because the heat will make it last even longer if desired

- use a clarifying shampoo to help ensure you're getting the product all out

- follow up with a good conditioner or mask to get your hair back to a good place

- if you want it to last all season visit a professional to get advice on other options like semipermanent color - do NOT attempt actually coloring your hair at home

- if all of this sounds a bit crazy to you there are also wig & clip-in extension options also

- be warned they don't always come out super easy - especially from lighter hair colors - but don't freak out - they eventually will

Get out there & have fun - can't wait to see all your Halloween creations on social media!

For some even easier Halloween hair inspo from #hairbyhal check out some Halloween posts from years back -

"The Teal Pumpkin Project"

Cheers - Hal

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