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Not in the mood to dress up for Halloween? Yeah... I get it... but no one wants to be the party pooper either.

This year Halloween is on a Wednesday, I have to work & to be quite honest I wasn't invited to any raging parties this year. So basically I'd just be dressing up for a day at the salon which I'm not really in the mood to go overboard for since it's probably going to be the only time I'm in a costume this Halloween.

So to save you the annoyance of all your friends, family or coworkers complaining that you're being an All Hollow's Eve bah humbug I rounded up my fave Halloween hair accessories for 2018.

This way you can throw on a sexy black outfit, put on one of these accessories & call it a day. And save yourself the aggravation of searching for the perfect costume if you're not really in the mood this year.

So there you have it... not in the mood to put on a costume... pair one of these accessories with a fun black outfit & some vampy makeup & you'll be ready to rock & roll.

Cheers - Hal

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