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Have you guys heard of Formulate?

It's basically a new personal care company that specializes in shampoo & conditioner, perfectly engineered just for you. Formulated based on your characteristics, goals, lifestyle, & environment, all by using the latest in chemistry & technology.

Or in other words...

You get to make your own shampoo & conditioner!!!!

When I received my code to create my own products I was super excited & also a bit doubtful. Lets be honest, as a professional hairstylist I've tried pretty much every product & gimmick on the market & often feel underwhelmed.

But I went ahead & started the process anyway.

You go online & answer a series of questions about your hair. Everything from your age to hair color, your difficulties & goals and even your zip code. I mean c'mon... they were being so thorough they're even taking into consideration the environmental factors in your area for the next 3 months. That is CRAZY! And AMAZING!

I even got to choose my own fragrance & the scent strength... of course I chose the tidal summery scent.

When it arrived I was shocked how quick it came... only about a week! I thought something this personalized would take forever.

I immediately loved the simple & clean packaging & fragrance upon first impression.

I used it for about a month before doing my review. Because like I said I really had a low expectation but wanted to give the new brand a chance.

Drumroll please... I LOVE it!

My hair feels so clean & smells great! It felt much fuller & less weighed down than it used to. My hair is so fine most shampoos are too heavy but my formulation is light as a feather. My hair feels completely clean without any extra weight to it.

I'm not gonna lie... it took me a minute to get used to using only the recommended 2 pumps. I originally thought it wouldn't be enough... especially after a wicked spin sweat fest. But it was... my hair felt completely clean! Which is a good thing... because if I use the recommended two pumps the shampoo will last 3 months!

I personally loved my initial formulation but the company is committed to getting it right... so if yours isn't originally formulated just right for your liking the team will work with you to adjust your ingredients & ship you a new formula... free of charge .

Right now the whole process is still by invitation only but Formulate was kind enough to offer one of my followers a code to create their own personal shampoo & conditioner set!!!!

Just click here to enter!

Cheers - Hal

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