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I absolutely looooove a high pony... always have. And it seems so simple but yet doesn't it seem that a basic topknot & ponytail are the hardest things to achieve?!

They can be so annoying to perfect but once you do a pony like this often makes a huge statement... especially with a fun cocktail dress for the holidays.

So that my friends is why I chose the high pony as our seventh look in the "12 Days of Holiday Hair" series.

Again... this is a super basic style that I used 1... yes only one bobby pin to create!

Oh & of course some volume powder to get some height for this pony.

Scünci Mixed Size Rubber Bands

Kitsch Brown Bobby Pin Set 45 Count

Bumble And Bumble Bb.Hair Powder

So there you have it... a "basic & simple" (even though none of us can seamlessly do one) ponytail is our look for day 7 of the "12 Days of Holiday Hair".

Cheers - Hal

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