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Don't crucify me if you're not ready to be thinking about holiday gift buying! I just can't help it... I'm over here in a shopping frenzy!

And this week's #hairtiptuesday is to give your beauty obsessed gift recipient hair products as gifts.

My hair product gift that I'm dying for this year in case anyone wants to pick one up for me is the Dyson hairdryer... can you even believe I still don't have one?!

If you know someone who has a standing appointment with her colorist every four weeks, is a regular at the local blow-dry salon, and would rather be late than leave the house without styling her hair, then boy, do I have the perfect shopping guides for you.

And I'm even sharing it in advance so you'll have more than enough time to choose, order, have shipped & wrap with more than enough time to enjoy your holidays!

Men's Gift Guide

Cheers - Hal

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