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It's easy to find holiday accessories for your doors & your trees but what about for your kid's hair?

Hair accessories are an adorable way to add just a touch of Christmas cheer to any outfit.

So I searched the internet for my fave kid's Christmas hair accessories.

Christmas Unicorn Headband

H&M - Hairband with Christmas Tree

Christmas Elk Horn Headband

Aeo Capelli Holiday Scrunchies

H&M - Hair Doughnut and Hair Pins

Aerie Tinsel Wreath Scrunchie

Hanukkah Headband - Blue/White

White Candy Cane Monogram Hair Bow

Red Monogram Hair Bow

And if hair accessories aren't your thing & you're talented at hairstyling you can click here to check out last year's kid's hairstyles that I shared for my kid's #hairtiptuesday last December... trust me... these looks are super cute!

Happy Holidays!

Cheers - Hal

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