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If you're one of my clients then you know I love watches.... like I really love them!

I love to look stylish in the salon & of course to accessorize. It can be a little boring sometimes always wearing dark colors... so for me accessories are even more key to creating the look.

But more importantly I need to stay on time for my clients! Who likes to wait on their hairstylist... the answer to that question my friends in nobody. No matter how good your hair looks when you leave the salon.

As if waiting endlessly is not frustrating enough how would you like it if your stylist kept checking their phone... even if it really is to just check the time. For that reason alone - regardless of how fashionable watches are - I looooove a good watch. Especially one with good craftsmanship that I can rely on.

I have so many... from silver to gold to black rubber... you name it I probably have some version. Or so I thought.... I did NOT have a wood watch! The wood styling is so unique!

So when Jord reached out for a potential partnership I jumped at the opportunity. I chose the Kosso wood band with the gray face from their Hyde series. I really loved the gray face because as a stylist I really often tend to wear black or darker colors when I'm behind the chair so this matches perfectly.

I immediately fell in love with this piece & quickly realized it wasn't in my imagination that this was an amazing watch. Within no time at all coworkers & clients alike were commenting & complimenting it's unique design.

I should also say that they also come in women's... even though most of the designs I think could be worn by anyone.

So if you've ever met me not only do you know I love watches but I LOVE the holidays & am always looking & planning for the next opportunity to be festive. The winter holidays & New Years may be over but that doesn't mean I'm off duty.... now it's time to plan for Valentine's Day!

If you're anything like me & you're always looking forward & trying to find the perfect gift for someone else or even better... a treat for yourself then today's your lucky day.

Jord & I are partnering on a giveaway & one lucky Hair by Hal follower will win a $100 gift code on the Jord website. And all other people who enter will receive 10% off their purchase at Jord.

If the beautiful presentation isn't enough most of the watches can also be personalized for your special someone & shipping is free!

Good luck with the big giveaway! You have four weeks form the blog post date to enter!

Click HERE to enter.

Good Luck & Cheers -


PS - this post is sponsored by Jord but my thoughts here - as always - are honest & my own!

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