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When I got to thinking about it I realized I hadn't created a new series in quite some time... you know the weekly regulars like #hairtiptuesday & Friday's Five #whatimobsessedwiththisweek. Or even the monthly recaps or the Back to Basics posts which are a little less regular.

So I took some insta polls on what people wanted & the concensus seemed to be that you would like to hear about new products & services in the hair industry.

I thought the best way to do that would be to share a monthly post that would either focus on a product that would really benefit your hair for that time of year or even simply a new product on the market that I'm really excited about sharing with you.

And that's exactly where I am with it this month. You know that I have a thing for lavender shampoos & products for blondes & one of my all time fave product lines is Kerastase... so when these two worlds finally collided my head almost exploded.

In case you missed it let me be the one with the honor of introducing you to to the Kerastase Blonde Absolu line.

This is a five piece collection designed to maintain the look of every blonde... whether it's natural or color treated.

More often than not blondes are conditioned to believe that they have to pick color or hair health... they can't have both. Enter Kerastase who's committed to marrying the two. Not only does the line work to manage & hold off brassiness but it also provides moisture for long term health, shine & vitality.

So the line can get a little complicated but I'm gonna break it down for you.

The Bain Ultra Violet is the shampoo you'll want if you like a purple shampoo that will work to tone down the brassiness & help keep your blonde fresh, icy & cool.

The Bain Lumiere is not actually a purple shampoo but instead is a clear one designed to deeply hydrate without weighting the hair down. It almost acts as a clarifier, removing impurities that leave your blonde looking dull & lifeless.

The Cicaflash is a nourishing treatment for blondes like none other. In my opinion it feels like a mask but one you could use every time you wash your hair because it will strengthen & prevent breakage without weighing the hair down.

The Masque Ultra Violet is another toning product & will be a little heavier... so I recommend you only use it once a week or so.

And last but not least the Cicaplasme will act as your leave in or styling product. It's not super heavy but will still leave your hair feeling soft & shiny all day.

And did I mention I have not had a single client who didn't comment on how luxurious & wonderful it smells!

So there you have it... hopefully that wasnt too confusing.

Drop me a note on what product or line you'd like to hear about next!

Cheers - Hal

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