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In January I did some polls & asked you guys what you would be interested in me sharing more of in 2019 & you answered.... the majority agreed they'd like me to share more about new products & products I love.

So I decided to start a product of the month series & April's selection is from Amika.

You may not know it but April is the peak of the spring formal season & I get worked to the bone. Everything from proms, formals, weddings to black tie functions & charity events... you name it it goes down in the spring.

So any product that's gonna save me some time & help me create beautiful updos & styles that not only look great but last til your pretty little head hits the pillow I'm gonna fully embrace.

And that product for me this year was the Amika Un.Done Volume & Matte texture spray.

Sometimes when clients sit down for a style & have freshly washed... or even worse flat ironed hair I want to run out of the salon in front of a moving car.

This product is perfect to help create that second day hair feel & gives just the right amount of hold & volume to average & fine texture hair too without getting sticky or crunchy.

It pretty much creates a tousled beach effect with volume & a matte finish.

Basically if you want a hair that feels thicker, looks thicker but still remains soft & moveable than this is the product for you!

Oh & I almost failed to mention if you haven't at least smelled the Amika collection of products let alone tried them you have no idea what you're missing out on!

So there you have it folks... there's my product of the month.

If there's a product you want to know more about or you have a one that I need to get familiar with let me know here or over on social media!

Cheers - Hal

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