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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

So this week was a total whirlwind... which I can honestly say is completely out of the ordinary for this time of year!

The salon was a zoo & big update... I babysit my niece & nephew for two days. I know what you're thinking... who cares... you're with them all the time. Which I get... but I've never actually had them for two days straight like that... especially with their parents all the way in California. But no worries my dears... it was a smashing success!

Besides that here are the other five things I was obsessed with this week.


OK so it's Thursday night as I write this & I still have a few chapters... but from what I've read so far I am SO entertained by this book... and if we're being completely honest here (which is actually my specialty)... for the first time in my life I think I would loooove to experience therapy & all it has to offer!


Last week I mentioned my obsession with Whispering Angel wine & a friend told me I HAD to try this rose. Y'all it's right up there with my favorite & so affordable!


I know I've mentioned this before... I think people are turned off by the idea of lady wrestling... they actually barely even show that. Think "Orange is the New Black" but of women on a wrestling show... like how did they get there?! It's so amusing & bingeworthy to the max.


This may be one of those apps that's old news to some of you but it's new to me so I don't care. If you're into word games then download this one now. You'll thank me later... or maybe you'll hate me because it will totally engulf your life!


Is it over the top vain even for my standards to be obsessed with essentially myself?! I HATE pics of myself solo with no one else in it. But this one doesn't send me screaming into the middle of the highway during rush hour for some reason. Anyway... it'll live on Jolie's website for the next few years or so & I'm actually OK with that.

So there you have it... that's my #fridayfive. What are you vibing on this week?

Cheers - Hal

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